Cinco De Mayo was our inspiration this week. We incorporated fresh, Mexican-inspired ingredients into our dishes this week, including our first taste of the Mexican vegetable jicama. We had a great time with this meal and we can't wait to share it with you.
Our appetizer was Avocado Tomatillo Dip served with blue corn chips. This was a creamy, spicy treat delivering spice and flavor without being too intense.

The main dish tonight was Tofu Ranchero with Jicama Slaw. The tofu ranchero was packed with veggies and served rolled into burritos. The burritos were tasty and filling - a great and healthy dish. Our side item was inspired by the "Mexican Potato" jicama. Jicama has been described as tasting like sweet pea pods, pears, turnips, apples and potato. We decided the best comparison of taste was to sweet pea pods and the best comparison of texture was to an apple. In the slaw, jicama added a wonderful crunch and sweetness that combined deliciously with the cabbage and carrot. The lime-based dressing on the slaw was soaked up by the jicama to provide a light and delicate side dish.

Dessert was a light lime sorbet served on pound cake with flambeed berries. Easy and delicious!

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Cookin' Canuck said...

I love the idea of putting the tomatillos into the guacamole. Your feast looks fabulous!