Spring Arrives

After much ado, spring has finally arrived in southwestern Virginia and we celebrated with all the wonders Mother Nature brings with the revival of spring.
We started our meal this evening with an appetizer, Pine nut and chive dip served with sliced multigrain bread.
Our main dishes tonight were full of fresh spring ingredients. Veggie Spring Bundles with Healthy Spring Risotto graced our plates tonight in a beautiful, healthy and tasteful way.
I cannot overstate how wonderful these dishes were. The bundles required about 10 minutes of preparation and turned out beautiful. They are representative of spring are well worth the effort.
The collaborator of the spring bundles was the risotto. This lemon infused risotto was a nice surprise as it was flavorful and creamy without being too rich.
The main dishes tonight were individually enjoyable, but together they pushed the dinner onto a new level. The joining of flavors is an important aspect in cooking and developing menus and this is a great example of dishes that together are better than the individual components.
Our dessert tonight was Strawberries with Spiced Syrup. This was simply sliced strawberries with a spiced up sugar sauce. We served them with a dollop of whipped cream.Fitting into our spring theme this desert was the perfect closing to the night.


johnhildreth said...

Beautiful pictures, and a very eclectic meal ... it's amazing how photogenic fresh fruit and vegetables can be.

Cookin' Canuck said...

Your photos are wonderful and your food looks delicious! It looks as though we have the same taste in blogger templates.


joe said...

It needs some bloody red meat. But, at least it looks nice. Nothing says spring like a big, thick rare steak. Just a thought. :)