Old Recipe, New House

Tonight, we played it safe with our meal because we were celebrating SB's new house! We stuck to foods and recipes we were familiar with and concentrated on getting used to a new kitchen.
We began the evening with a simple, yet elegan
t salad. The salad incorporated fresh greens from SH's garden, home-canned picked beets, sunflower seeds and goat cheese. We ate outside on the deck (with our guest SJ) while enjoying a bit of sunshine in an otherwise rainy, rainy week.

Our main dish was a spicy tomato sauce served with pasta also known as penne arrabiata. This simple and tasty dish was made even better with tomatoes canned with love by our mother (Thanks, Mom!). We served the pasta with rosemary bread and garlic butter and it was simply perfect.

Our dessert tonight was our celebration course - we bought truffles from our local chocolate shop, The Chocolate Spike. We indulged with Pineapple Honey, Mango Lime and Fire and Ice truffles. The truffles were even tastier than they were beautiful.

A truly enjoyable evening with an easy, simple meal worthy of any special occasion.
Congrats, SB on your new home!


johnhildreth said...

A very simple and artistic dinner :)

... SB's house is very cute ...

johnhildreth said...

was the penne arribiatta hot?

BostonsInVirginia said...

The arribiatta was spicy, but not necessarily hot. It was very tasty :)