Wintery Wednesday Welcome

This week we decided on a "hodgepodge" of various things. There were recipes and concepts we each wanted to try - so we incorporated them together into a menu.
We started with an Jalapeno, Corn and Sweet Potato Bisque.
This simple soup was a nice starter at the end of a snowy and cold day.

For the main dish we had a barley risotto with roasted winter vegetables. The risotto was creamy with a hint of earthiness from the vegetables and the barley.

Dessert tonight was lemon-scented blueberry cupcakes. These cupcakes had a scrumptious airy texture with a sweet-tart flavor. A perfect way to cap off the meal.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think - especially if you have any suggestions as to what we should make in the future!

SB- Wednesday was a cold, wet, snowy day, so this dinner was perfect! The bisque was simple to make, but had a very complex taste. I will be making this again often as a starter course.

The barley risotto was warm, filling, and delicious! The texture of the barley is very neat, and the flavors of the roasted vegetables with the parmesean cheese on top was wonderful!

The dessert cupcake was also great! The cupcakes were a little more like a muffin than a cupcake, but I am not complaining. There was just a hint of lemon flavor, but not enough to make it too tart.

I am very glad to have leftovers of this meal!!

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johnhildreth said...

This was a very eclectic meal ... sounds very nice for a cold winter evening ... especially the bisque ...

... you always have such nice photos ... looking forward to seeing more ...