Happy Love Day!
What else is there to celebrate in mid-winter when everyone is ready for a pick-me-up except celebrate Valentine's Day? We decided to celebrate with a semi-extravagant meal in mid-week. We prepared a 4-course meal which was still simple enough to prepare and enjoy on a Wednesday night.

We started with fig and goat cheese bruschetta. This was easy to prepare and quite worth the easy ahead of time prep we put into it.

The second course was a chilled honey carrot soup. The soup was nice and savory; a light course between the bruschetta and our main dish.

Our Main Dish was Yam Latkees served with wild brown rice and a beet salad. This was very tasty, nutritious and beautiful. The Latkees were a tasty main dish and one that will be prepared again. The accompaniments of the wild rice and beet salad made the plate appealing and tasty.

The star of the night was definitely the dessert. It may not be beautiful to look at, but if you could smell this cooking in the kitchen- you would be a forever fan. The bread pudding was laced with dark and white chocolate which made it delectable. This is a dish that is incredibly easy (deceptively so) but will never disappoint. It is a must try!
SH- this menu was well worth the extra effort. The entire night was delicious and still adventurous. We explored new ingredients and techniques and made a 4 course meal. Yet, we made it work on a week day after work. Extravagance is truly a state of mind- keep it simple and real and the world is the limit. I would recommend any aspect of this meal, but the bruschetta and bread pudding were the stars in my mind.

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