Mardi Gras!

The most exciting thing about Mardi Gras for me, is knowing that spring is just around the corner. Today I noticed trees budding and we celebrated by cooking New Orleans inspired Jambalaya. Our jambalaya was a fire-roasted veggie jambalaya that we served over rice. We served it with a sweet potato biscuit -the combo was delicious and very comforting.
For desert we did the New Orleans inspired Bananas Foster over ice cream. The desert was quick, easy and delicious!
The dinner overall was very tasty and I will make these recipes again.

SB: Happy Mardi Gras!!! We turned up the zydeco music and danced and had a great time while cooking this meal!

The jambalaya was perfect! Warm, spicy, and full of tasty vegetables (namely sweet potatoes and parsnips-yum!). The biscuits were a great side dish, a little sweet, and soft and moist.

Bananas foster-how can you go wrong with bananas, rum, sugar, walnuts, and frozen yogurt?

I was very pleased with this meal!! And to make it even better, this week's Top Chef episode was set in New Orleans!


Glenda said...

Wow what a great meal, you were able to create a wonderful meal as well as keep with the "season"! Everything about this meal looked especially wonderful! Do you post your recipes on the blog?

johnhildreth said...

Looks like lots of fun ... and great photos as always :)

BostonsInVirginia said...

Thanks for the comments - we can post recipes if you like. I always mean to go back and do that, but somehow I never get there. Is there one in particular you would like to have posted??