Comfort us.....6 more weeks of winter?!?

It is very cold in Virginia, so we decided to cook some comfort foods to help warm us up! We decided to focus on foods that were cheesy, starchy, and warm. Our menu consisted of homemade macaroni and cheese with fresh broccoli, steamed carrots with fresh dill, and Parmesan herb muffins.

SB- It was a wonderful meal, easy to cook and very enjoyable to eat!

For dessert, we celebrated Groundhog Day a couple of days late. We enjoyed chocolate cupcakes topped with a friendly (chocolate) groundhog. These cupcakes were a blast to make, a will probably be a staple of Groundhog Days to come!

Next week we will be having an elegant Valentine's Dinner, so check back to get some ideas to what to cook for your sweetheart on this special day!


Glenda said...

Love, love, love the little groundhogs, they remind me of your grandfather, since his birthday was on groundhogs day.
Your menu suited the weather well, the mac and cheese looked very "comforting", and semi-nutritious with the added veggies. Can't wait to see next weeks wonderful menu.

BostonsInVirginia said...

The groundhog cupcakes were very fun to make - they were almost too cute to eat! And we thought they were a great way to remember our grandfather too.