Thai One On for Mother Nature

It's Earth Day
Tonight we celebrated Earth Day with a Thai inspired meal. We used fresh ingredients to create a feast with minimal waste.
Our appetizer was a low-energy spring roll. I say low energy, because most of the ingredients were raw and only required chopping power. These spring rolls were light, yet flavorful and filling.
Our main dish was Pad Thai, a traditional Thai dish. Pad Thai is a noodle-based dish mixed with spices, veggies and tofu. The end product was a spicy, hearty and fresh main dish. The dish was topped with cashews, cilantro, green onions and lime.
Our dessert was also Thai themed, a Mango Sorbet. The desert was cool, creamy and refreshing. It was a great and traditional way to end the evening.

For our Earth Day tallies, we completed the meal with mostly fresh ingredients. Canned goods were kept to a minimum (actually no cans were opened for the dish, we only used a few seasonings from bottles). Fresh, local ingredients were our focus tonight-and our meal was delicious. Making an effort to include earth friendly ingredients does not have to be cost prohibitive. Making every day Earth Day involves a commitment to conservation and the future - but remember it is a commitment to your future.


johnhildreth said...

I love the article title :)

... I am sure it was irresistible ...

I like the narrative here too ... it is easy to make environmentally conscious decisions while you cook ... thought it can become more challenging as you go ... it is just a matter of getting into the habit of it ...

You all just better and better :)


Glenda said...

I agree with John you do get better and better. How fun to find a theme for the meal and run with that. This meal looks yummy and keeping with the concept of taking care of our earth, using local ingredients, resulting in less waste and helping your local economy.

joe said...

While I care about the environmental stuff, I definitely want some Pad Thai and I mean now. MMMM. What if I'm way too lazy to cook environmentally?