Cuban Fun!

Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than with a little foodie trip to Cuba. Well, SB and SH are still here in Virginia; but in our minds we are exploring the streets and flavors of our southern island neighbor (now that travel restrictions have been lifted, maybe someday we can actually go).

Our starter tonight was Spicy Corn Fritters. These fried patties were full of corn, green onion and fresh cilantro then spiced with cumin and coriander. The patties were served with a sweet and sour sauce that enhanced the flavor of the fritters.
The main course tonight was an adventure into the unknown for us. We were familiar with frozen black bean burgers that come in multiple varieties in the frozen food section at the grocery, but we had never ventured there from scratch. To serve burgers with chips is an American staple; but we took it to the next level with yucca. We chopped the yucca into thin slices, fried them in peanut oil, and finally sprinkled them with salt, chili powder and cayenne.
I cannot say enough about this combination- the burgers were a bit spicy and so much better than the frozen veggie burgers you buy. The chips were crunchy and flavorful (and easy!).
The sweet treat to finish off the evening was the Tres Leches Cake. This Cuban delicacy was a rich cake soaked in milk that we topped with fresh fruit. This cake was slightly sweet and feels like summer with the raspberry topping.
Another successful dinner!


Glenda said...

How impressive is that meal!! I'm sure the taste was outstanding also! The fritters look delicious and I'm sure the taste was the same. Only wish I'd known you would be cooking yucca, I've had a few of those plants to dispose of in the last few years!
Great job SB and SH!

johnhildreth said...

Very summery, and the pictures have a lot of variety in shapes and colors. I love the yucca picture. And, I love yucca.

Did you see who else has a cooking blog now?

joe said...

You communist sympathizers. I can't believe you would turn your back on your democratic heritage with this "RED SUPPER". Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave. Other than that, it sounds and looks delectable.

Brit said...

This meal looks suitable for a GCSC meeting! Yum, yum, and YUM!