We Are Back On Track

The Smell of Success is in the air tonight! After last week's disappointing main dish - tonight we hit a home run! This was a four course meal including some old favorites and a foray into new culinary territory as well.
Our first course was a garlic, feta and dill dip served with carrot sticks and fresh toasted pita chips. It was warm and inviting on the cool, rainy March evening. This is a favorite of SB and one I always look forward to. Since she now has fresh dill growing - it seemed like the perfect appetizer for this meal.
Our second course was a basic salad. We used arugula as the base topped with dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and a homemade mustard vinaigrette. It was simple and easy, but it was also tasty and the perfect segue into our main dish.
Our main dish was where we ventured into new territory. SB had a potato gnocchi at an Italian restaurant recently and wanted to try to recreate the dish at home. So, we found a recipe and we tried it. I must say, making the dough was quick and easy, but shaping it was a little bit of work. But, the time invested turned out to be well worth it. This pasta was light, but filling and held the tomato-basil sauce perfectly. I think this is a dish we will both make regularly in the future.

Onto the fourth course - dessert. Tonight this is another of SB's favorites, Individual Upside-Down Peach Cakes. These were warm, moist and delicious- a great way to end a wonderful evening.


Glenda said...

Outstanding! What a nice variety of color, taste and texture. My hat (if I were wearing one) is off to the both of you!

johnhildreth said...

Very yummy looking :) great presentation as always ....