The Dangerous Kitchen

Welcome Back!
After our week off, we returned with a night of fun and whimsy. We were inspired by a short lived cooking show on the Food Network called Dweezil and Lisa. The show focused on the two musicians as they toured around the nation sampling new and unique food creations. We used a couple of their recipes as a springboard - and before we knew it we were carried away by fun food ideas. Since we had recipes by a Zappa family member it seemed the next logical step to add a Frank Zappa tribute into the meal as well. Since SJ is a big Zappa fan, we invited the boys to join us for dinner and had fun with the meal.
We started with a "Zappatizer". These were Frank inspired snacks. We used a cibatta bread base, with hummus, roasted red peppers, sprouts and sunflower seeds. They were fun and pretty tasty, too!

We had a Deliciously Sweet Salad as our next course. This salad contained fruits, nuts, cheeses and a sweet-tart dressing. MMMMM :)

Our Main Course was Cupcake Lasagna. These were spinach
lasagna cupcakes topped with ricotta frosting and garnished with grape tomatoes and basil. Not only were these really fun to make and eat -but they were actually a healthy version of lasagna.

Of course we had a dessert and continuing with our fun and whimsical theme we had an Almost Flourless Cake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. The cake was chocolaty, gooey and delicious!

SB-- What a fun meal. I think that overall, this is the best meal that we have made. Each component of the dinner was delicious, there was no course that outshone the others.

The Zappa-tizers were the product of SB's brainstorming, and they were excellent! It was a light, tasty starter, and fun to look at as well!

The salad was one of the best that I have ever had. The combination of the blueberries, feta cheese, and goat cheese were amazing. I will be making this salad again, it is a beautiful salad to serve to company.

The cupcake lasagnas looked great, and tasted even better! They were hot, spicy, and filling. These will be great for a party, they are easy to prepare ahead of time and take about 20 minutes to bake.

The cake was fudgy and fabulous! The addition of the fresh strawberries made it taste wonderful.

I recommend all these recipes for anyone who likes to cook, they are all easy and yummy!


johnhildreth said...

very nice photos ... and of course the zappa-tizers are great!

... luckily, SB's kitchen does not resemble the one in Zappa's song ...

Glenda said...

Absolutely love the fun look of this meal, I can only imagine the fun and good times while you were assembling the food. Very colorful, with just the right amount of whimsy!! Only thing better, is if I had been there to share the meal!