Muppets in Miscellania

Tonight we had a very special treat....a new Muppet Christmas Special! SH and SB planned a warm, spicy, colorful, and easy menu for the festivities. The meal included Butternut Squash and Leek soup topped with Garlic Croutons,

Curried Potatoes over Brown Basmati Rice,

Steamed Broccoli with Cheese Sauce,

And a dessert of Amaretto Flan!

SB: What a fun night! Our dinner was very easy, yet tasty! I made the soup and flan ahead of time, and they were both very easy recipes. The soup was thick and creamy, without any added milk or cream, so the calorie content was low. The added croutons gave it a crunch that was wonderful. Our main dish was chopping intensive-but worth it. The vegetable simmered with the liquid and spices for about an hour, and it smelled wonderful (and my kitchen still does smell wonderful)! It was spicy, warm, and very filling. The steamed broccoli was a great side-always one of my favorites. This was my first time eating flan, and I was very impressed. It had a good caramel flavor.
The leftovers of the curried potatoes reheat very well, I had them for lunch today! This meal is very affordable, easy, and attractive.


Glenda said...

Amazed once again! What a nice assortment of taste, textures, and I assume aromas from this meal. I especially like the pictures of the meal as it "comes together".
And to think you had dessert with the muppets, what can I say, life is good............

BostonsInVirginia said...

It was a great meal- and you know we enjoyed dessert with the muppets. The house smelled great last night - actually, SB's house still smelled like curry this morning.