Bees and Sweet Potatoes

Dinner and A Movie

For our second dinner party, we planned a dinner and movie night. We have both read The Secret Life of Bees in the past, and it was showing at our local independent theater. So, we brought out the crock-pot and had time for dinner, a movie and Top Chef!

Our dinner tonight was African Sweet Potato and Red Bean Stew. It is a flavorful, light stew with a hint of peanut butter in the liquid. It simmered in the crockpot for hours, and it was very nice to walk into a great smelling house and have dinner ready at 6:00 after our busy days!

For a side item, we had corn bread muffins with jalapenos. The spicy bread was a nice addition to this tasty stew.

SH- The stew and muffins were a great meal at the end of a busy day. We had time to eat, clean up and visit with SJ who stopped in to say hi before heading to the movies. The meal wasn't too heavy- we still had room for popcorn at the movies! I guess it would have been fun to have cooked with honey to fit the theme of the movie - maybe next time. Next week we are planning a colorful meal as we watch the Muppets Christmas special on NBC, then catch up with the Top Chefs!
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johnhildreth said...

Sounds lovely ....

... very nice photos ... food photography rocks :)