Put A Lid On It!

No, we did not get into an argument while cooking and tell each other to "Put A Lid On It"! SB has been listening almost exclusively to the bluesy/jazzy/swing band Squirrel Nut Zippers lately, and their song "Put A Lid On It" is one of their most popular tunes. If you are not familiar with the band, do yourself a favor and check them out.

While listening to fun music and chatting about our weeks , we put together a beautiful and tasty meal. During a trip to Roanoke earlier this year, we bought a couple of adorable little casserole dishes. We found a great first recipe to cook in these....Chicken Tagine. Tagine is a sweetly spiced dish that incorporates Moroccan flavors. Dried figs and apricots, golden raisins, honey and almonds were mixed with chicken and onions to create this delicious dish. All the ingredients are sauteed until golden, and then transferred to the smaller dishes to finish cooking in the oven.

To accentuate, but not overpower, the tangine, we picked side dishes that were simple yet flavorful. We made zucchini boats stuffed with pearl couscous, and an elegant cucumber salad with Greek yogurt and dill. Adding a piece of pita bread and a glass of crisp white wine to round out the meal, everything came together beautifully.

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Glenda said...

What a wonderfully put together meal, beautiful in display, and I know was just as wonderful for the tasting!! Great job once again to BIV's!