Tropical Bananagrams in Virginia

Tonight we had a change of pace! We had a friend, Rachael, join us this evening. She is a big fan of word games and Vietnamese food, so we incorporated both into our night.

We all had a different size wine glass to keep up with whose glass is whose!
We started the evening with an appetizer of Vietnamese Style Shrimp Rolls. These light and tasty rolls incorporated shrimp, asian noodles, carrots, peanuts, and a spicy sauce rolled up in a fresh lettuce leaf. Delicious! Then we played a few rounds of the word game Banagrams, introducing Rachael to the many two letter words that can help you win a game, such as ka, ki, qi, and za!
Our main course was Vietmanese beef on skewers, served with brown rice and Vietmanese style broccoli. Served by candlelight on SB's wonderful deck, the flavorful meal was enjoyed in a cool and breezy evening.


Glenda said...

What a wonderful meal and evening for the 3 of you!

LittleLeafLane said...

This looks awesome! I love lettuce wraps :)