Anniversary Dinner

We like to celebrate, and this week we were excited to make a very nice dinner to honor the wedding anniversary of our parents! We planned an easy and elegant meal that rivaled anything you could get at a restaurant.

We began the festivites with doing something that Bostons in Virginia had not done before....making our own cocktails!! Pink Peppercorns (which are actually berries, and very expensive ones at that) were are focus for our main dish, and we found a drink called Muddled Pink Peppercorn and Basil Limeade that we thought would be fun to try. Pink peppercorns and basil and muddled with agave nector, and then mixed with fresh lime juice and vodka. The result was delicious, very light and tangy. We served these in glasses that our grandmother always served us lemonade in, which was a nice connection.

After enjoying the limeade and discussing books we have both recently read, we moved on to dinner preparations. Along with a simple green salad, we made seared steak in a pink peppercorn sauce and goat cheese mashed potatoes. The steak, which was pressed in chopped peppercorns before being seared, was flavorful and delicious. Bostons in Virginia adds goat cheese to almost every dish imaginable, so of course the mashed potatoes were divine. We finished the meal with a banana cupcake, which we gobbled up too quickly to get any pictures of.
We found the steak recipe on this cooking blog, which provides many drool-worthy recipes and pictures...

We will be off next week while SB goes book clubbing, but will return in time to doing something red, white, and blue for Memorial Day!


Glenda said...

Wonderful display, and I'm sure the taste of each food was delectable. Will have to replicate your meal soon. Thanks for the anniversary salute, and the use of the glasses was a special touch indeed!

LittleLeafLane said...

Those cocktails look delicious!