Ah, Veg Out!

The only minor disappointment of the evening was that the current season of Project Runway aired a repeat episode this evening. We quickly recovered and settled into a night of Glee reruns - not the norm, but a welcome change of pace :)
So, onto more important things such as the wonderful food we prepared this evening. We began with two separate appetizers, both very tasty. The first is a quickly sauteed mixture of green apple and zucchini served on a goat cheese coated crostini. The second was a melted piece of smoke mozzarella on a round of french bread topped with an avocado.

Our main course tonight was another winning combination. Both these dishes are keepers and would be great served together or apart. The highlight was a rustic vegetable tart with goat cheese. This tart was prepared on a pie crust topped with a goat cheese mixture then piled with a mixture of roasted vegetables. The tart would be a great addition to any meal - especially a winter dinner or a spring brunch. The second highlight was the Two Potato Mash that we served on the side. This was basically a BIV recreation of a few different recipes we had read. We made a sweet potato and a white potato mash, then combined them together to serve. The marriage of the sweet potato and the starchy mashed potatoes proved to be a winning combination.

And for the dessert.... again, this was quite simple but a great little sweet ending to the evening. These chocolate puddle cookies taste like a mixture of soft meringue and a chewy brownie. Yum!!
We recommend all these recipes and hope you try them out for yourself soon! Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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Eugene said...

The brownie looks good