They Might Be Giants....

We are beyond I think they might be..they ARE giants. Tonight, we cooked giant lima beans and the beans lived up to their name. Those beans are HUGE!!!
The recipe of the week was from Heidi's 101 Cookbooks (check out the link on our favorite blogs). The recipe is centered around giant beans which are tossed with swiss chard and coated with a

chipotle tomato sauce. The bean mixture is placed in a casserole dish and baked with queso
fresco on top. Once out of the oven the beans were topped with breadcrumbs and finally garnished with a cilantro pesto.

We started the meal simply this week with some fresh fruit and goat cheese. We shared a nice doppleebock ale and learned a new word from reading the label. Mouthfeel. I must say, the beer did have a nice mouthfeel :)

SB made some mint brownies for dessert which were delicious (as her desserts always are).
Overall another successful meal, delicious and fun!


Glenda said...

Oh, sounds wonderful. What a novel idea to start with lima beans and add the other taste, I'm sure was mouthwatering.
Now I'm looking for ways to use the new word (mouthfeel)!

EmG said...

Cool beans! I am very interested in the recipe for those mint brownies.